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  • Fixation free prosthesis with atraumatic "grips" on both sides
  • Easy repositioning during surgery
  • Natural fixation after intra abdominal pressure is restored
  • Unique porous structure to favour quick tissue ingrowth and colonization
  • Best available shape memory for perfect use via laparoscopic or open surgery
  • Elasticity and excellent multidirectional mechanical properties close to human tissue


  • Three-dimensional Light “honeycomb” knitted structure with "grips"
  • Polyester multifilaments impregnated with aliphatic polyurethane (PEU)


  • Abdominal wall reinforcement
  • incisional
  • inguinal
  • femoral hernias via laparoscopic or open surgery
  • CO3A is preferably use via preperit oneal approach (TEP)



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